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Высшее образование в Республике Беларусь. Мой университет

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Study the words and the word-combinations.


qualify — обучать, готовить к какой-либо деятельности

qualified — подготовленный, квалифицированный

solve —решать

complex — сложный

face — сталкиваться с

prospects — планы на будущее, перспектива

humanities — гуманитарные науки

illiterate — неграмотный

carry out research — проводить исследования

determining — решающий, определяющий

training — подготовка

equal — равный

conform — соответствовать

spirit and requirements — дух и требования

available — доступный

scholarship — стипендия

correspondent courses — заочное обучение

administrate — управлять

of late — в последнее время

tuition — обучение

free of charge — бесплатный

term — семестр

creatively — творчески

graduate — заканчивать ВУЗ; выпускник

adapt — приспосабливать

grounding — обучение, подготовка

obtain — получать

practical training — практика

postgraduate courses — аспирантура

defend a thesis — защищать диссертацию


I. Match the synonyms.


adaptset up

free of chargeplan














II. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate words from the list below:


equal, solve, hostels, postgraduate courses, defend, humanities, determining, research, terms, scholarships

1. Only highly qualified specialists can ... the complex problems which our society faces.

2. He’s got greater abilities for ... than for natural sciences.

3. Important ... is carried out in the BSU.

4. All young people in Belarus have ... opportunities to acquire higher education.

5. The role of universities in the system of higher education is ... .

6. Students who study well get ... .

7. The academic year is divided into two ... .

8. Some graduates enter ... to get more specialized study and to ... a thesis.

9. A lot of students live in ... .


III. Read and translate the text.



Higher Education in Our Country. Baranovichi State University.

A national higher school system plays an important role in the development of our country. Only highly qualified specialists can solve the most complex problems facing our society. Knowledge, science and culture open the prospects for the future. The efforts of the Belorussian scientists have always been focused on the fundamental problems of humanities, natural and social sciences.

At the beginning of the 20th century about 80 per cent of the Belorussian population were illiterate. Now Belarus is a country with a high educational level. There are 38 state higher educational institutions and the Academy of Sciences which was founded in 1929 to carry out research in different fields of science. The total number of students in our Republic is about 2,5 million (25 per cent of the population).

The Belorussian State University, the National Technical University, the University of National Economy and many others are the largest scientific and educational centres in the national higher school system of Belarus. Today the role of universities in the system of higher education becomes determining as they give training in fundamental humanities and natural sciences.

The basic principle of the organization of national education in Belarus is an equal opportunity for all its citizens. It should conform to the spirit and requirements of the time we live.

Specialized secondary and higher education is available for everyone according to his abilities. Every citizen can get free education in state institutions if he passes the entrance examinations successfully. One of the necessary qualifications for higher school is complete secondary education. Entrance examinations differ depending on the choice of a higher school. People can get a higher education through the full-time, evening and correspondent courses. Those who study well receive scholarships. All higher schools in Belarus are controlled by the state and are uniformly administrated. The system of public education is being constantly improved and that is a logical process.

Along with state higher schools existing in the Republic many non-state institutes of higher learning have been opened in different towns of late. Thousands of young people who for some reason couldn't enter any of the state educational establishments have got an opportunity to continue their studies and to get a higher education. Tuition in non-state institutes is not free of charge, it is rather expensive. But everybody knows that money spent on the brain is never spent in vain.

The academic year is divided into two terms, each ending in examinations. The students attend lectures and practical classes and have every opportunity to develop their talents and gifts. Sport has become an essential part of students' life and they can do any sports they like.

The higher school today does not only give knowledge to the students but develops their abilities to think creatively and to work productively. Today's scientific and technological progress demands of the higher school graduates to be prepared to deepen their knowledge individually and adapt themselves quickly to the changes in the branches of science or industry they have chosen as their speciality. This means that future specialists must be given a good grounding in basic subjects. In order to obtain practical experience all the students of higher schools have practical training at different enterprises, schools and offices.

Every year thousands of graduates receive diplomas of higher education and start working in different branches of science, economy and production. Some of them enter postgraduate courses to get more specialized study and to defend a thesis on a chosen scientific problem. We have every right to say that the future of our country in many respects depends upon the quality of education received by its citizens.

Baranovichi State University was founded in 2004. Before that there had been four separate educational establishments: a pedagogical college, two non-state institutes and a branch of the National Technical University. In 2004 they were united into Baranovichi State University by a decree of the President. The University consists of four departments: the Law and Economics, the Engineering Department, the Pedagogical Department and the Department of Foreign Languages. The university trains lawyers, economists, engineers and teachers.

Baranovichi State University also has different sports clubs and societies, so its students can practise skiing, skating, gymnastics, boxing, playing different sports games, as well as acting on the stage, singing, dancing and participating in other extra-curriculum activities.

The University has three hostels and many students who come to study here from other towns and villages live in them.

Baranovichi State University is quite a young educational establishment but it has a great potential and a lot has been done and is being done for its development by the state authorities and the University staff.


IV. Find in the text the English equivalents of the following phrases:


высоко квалифицированные специалисты

открывать широкие возможности

с высоким уровнем образования

общее количество студентов

основной принцип

доступный всем

законченное среднее образование

вечернее и заочное обучение

негосударственные учебные заведения

посещать лекции и семинары

приобретать практический опыт

получить диплом

был основан

состоит из

заниматься гимнастикой

внеклассные мероприятия

большой потенциал


V. Answer the following questions:


1. How many institutions of higher education are there in the Republic of Belarus?

2. What is the basic principle of the organization of national education in our country?

3. Why does the role of universities in the system of higher education become determining?

4. Is free higher education available for everyone in Belarus?

5. What changes have taken place in the system of Belorussian higher education of late?

6. In what way do the students obtain practical experience when studying at higher schools?

7. When was the BSU founded?

8. What departments does it consist of?

9. What’s your opinion of the system of higher education in our country? What’s the way of improving it?


VI. Find out what paragraph of the text deals with the following statestments:


1. The educational level in the Republic of Belarus improved greatly in the 20th century.

2. If you want to enter a university you should pass your secondary school finals.

3. Future specialists are trained in both theoretical and practical spheres.

4. Some graduates continue their studies after graduating from universities.

5. Along with state educational establishments there exist other types of them.

6. The students of this university have an opportunity to do a lot of things at their leisure time.

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