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Контроль знаний: лексико-грамматический тест

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Read the text carefully and then answer questions on it.


Scotland is a land of mountains, wild moor lands, narrow valleys and plains. The Highlands of Scotland are among the oldest mountains in the world. The highest peak of them is Ben Nevis. The lakes of Scotland are called “lochs”. The beautiful Loch Lomond with its thirty islands is the largest. 

One third of people in Scotland live in or near its capital Edinburgh and its great industrial centre Glasgow. Scotland is a country with the deep national traditions. Scotland has its own administration of government, which is centred in Edinburgh. It has its own national heroes. These heroes fought in endless battles against England. Scotland has its own national drinks, musical instruments, dances, songs, poetry, traditions, food and sports, even education and manners. There is the Old Scotland and the New Scotland. The New Scotland is a land of steel and ships, coal and power, factories and huge ports, modern literature and music. The Old Scotland is a land of ballads, legendary heroes defending its independence, legendary knights, outlaws, beautiful queens, brave and cruel kings. There is a national dress of Scotland, the kilt. It is the best walking dress ever invented by men: there is up 5 meters of material in it. It is airy, leaves the legs free for climbing: it stands dry for hours before it gets wet through in the rain; it is warm for a cold day and cool for warm one. And what is more, if a highlander is caught in the mountains by night, he has just to unfasten his kilt and wrap it around him. 5 meters of warm wool will help him to sleep comfortably enough at night. The kilt is only worn by men and it is a relic of the time when a clan system existed in the Scottish Highlands. The clan was like a very large family and everyone had the same family name like McDonald or McGregor (“mc” means the “son of”). The clan had its particular territory and was governed by a chieftain. Each clan had its own tartan which both men and women wore. Now people can buy tartans, which are newly designed in the shops. They are different from the ones worn by the clans long ago. The old fabrics which were made from local sheep's wool disappeared and the secret of making them is lost. But the machine-making tartans are very popular. 

The national emblem of Scotland is a thistle. Scotland is popular in the whole world owing to producing the best whiskey. Whiskey is made from barley and kept in oak casks the longer the better and the most expensive. The bagpipes are the traditional music instrument, they are manufactured from sheep’s skin and it’s very difficult to learn how to play the bagpipes. Scotch cuisine is very simple but anyway tasty: the Scots like eating Scottish Eggs (boiled eggs in fried lamb mince), liver and kidney cakes, sheep or cow tongue roll and boned gammon in stove.

a chieftain — предводитель, глава

a tartan — клетчатая материя, шотландка

a thistle — чертополох

barley — ячмень

bagpipes (only pl.) — волынка

a gammon — окорок


Now answer the questions: a-yes, if the statement agrees with the text, b-no, if the statement is false, c-not given, if there is no such information in the text and it’s impossible to say whether the statement is right or wrong.

1. Ben Nevis is the highest point in Scotland.

a) yes    b) no    c) not given 

2. In Scotland one third of all people live in Edinburgh which is the biggest city in this area.

a) yes   b) no   c) not given

3. Glasgow is a very popular place for tourists who visit its castles and shops.

a) yes    b) no    c) not given

4. The traditional Scottish men’s dress – the kilt - may consist of up to 5 meters of warm wool.

a) yes    b) no    c) not given

5. It’s known from the history of Scotland that there were a lot of large communities called clans.

a) yes    b) no    c) not given

6. The different colours of tartan showed who its owner was: a man or a woman.

a) yes    b) no    c) not given

      7. People don’t like to buy new machine-made tartans.

a) yes    b) no   c) not given

8. Scotland produces the best whiskey which is a traditional drink of this country.

a) yes    b) no   c) not given

9. The Scots have their traditional dishes that are very simple to cook.

a) yes    b) no   c) not given

10. It is not easy to learn how to play bagpipes.

a) yes    b) no   c) not given


11. Choose the correct translation to the given sentence: ”Whiskey is made from barley and kept in oak casks the longer the better and the most expensive”.

a) Виски производят из ячменя и долго выдерживают в лучших дубовых бочках.

b) Виски изготавливают из ячменя и выдерживают в дубовых бочках: чем дольше, тем лучше и дороже!

c) Виски делают из ячменя, который хранится в дубовых бочках, чем дольше он там находится, тем он лучше и дороже.


12. Choose the most suitable heading for this text:

a) The Nature of Scotland

b) Scotland – a Unique Part of the UK

c) Scottish Customs and Traditions


 Do the following grammar test based on the grammatical themes studied.


13. Several … broke bank … yesterday and stole … from three unlocked … .

a) thiefs, windows, money, safes

b) thiefs, window, money, saves

c) thieves, windows, moneys, safe

d) thieves, windows, money, safes

14. When I came to the dentist service to check up all my painful … I saw two … and two young … waiting in a hall.

a) tooth, man, lady

b) tooths, mans, ladies

c) teeth, men, ladys

d) teeth, men, ladies


15. … room is just over there, he is checking … term works.

a) Professor William, student’

b) Professor William’, students’s

c) Professor William’s, students’

d) Professor William’s, students’s


16. … last summer I was spending in … USA. I saw … widest waterfall in … world there.

a) a, —, a, a

b) the, the, —, —

c) —, the, the, the

d) —, —, —


17. We don’t like … coffee, it’s cold. And, moreover, we ordered it without … sugar.

a) the, —

b) a, a

c) —, —

d) —, a


18. What … bad weather today! I didn’t expect such … terrible trip to … Alps.

a) —, a, the

b) a, -, the

c) the, the, the

d) —, —, —


19. My bag is as … as yours. But you are lucky because your luggage is … than mine.

a) heavy, smaller

b) heavier, small

c) heaviest, smallest

d) the heaviest, the smallest


20. … and … television tower in the whole world is located in Toronto, Canada.

a) High, modern

b) The highest, most modern

c) Higher, moderner

d) More higher, more moderner


21. The … you are the … and … you become.

a) older, wiser, better

b) old, wise, good

c) oldest, most wise, the best

d) more old, wiser, gooder


22. Dear friends, I would like to introduce … best friend to you.

a) me

b) myself

c) mine

d) my


23. Is it your book, boys ? – Right, this one is ….

a) us

b) ours

c) our

d) ourself


24. Children! Don’t jump into the water! … bank of the river is very high.

a) some

b) either

c) both

d) few


25. If you have only pounds, you can exchange them at … banking office.

a) little

b) much

c) any

d) none


26. The police arrested the men … robbed the jewelry shop last night.

a) whom

b) what

c) who

d) whose


27. Point out an incorrect sentence.

a) The Republic of Belarus small and beautiful.

b) Is Minsk a capital city?

c) Does Belarus border on the Ukraine?

d) The population of Belarus is about 10 million citizens.


28. Point out an incorrect sentence.

a) Does the United Kingdom nowadays a highly developed industrial country?

b) People in England celebrate Easter, Boxing Day, Christmas.

c) Is the UK a member of many European and world organizations?

d)  Britain exports investments, industrial products and software.


29. Point out an incorrect sentence.

a) Shopping is an important part of everyday life, isn’t it?

b) Do you want to study in Britain or travel around the world?

c) Your doctor doesn’t work on Monday, doesn’t he?

d) What hotel is the cheapest in this area?


30. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is … .

a) a parliamentary republic.

b) a presidential republic.

c) an absolute monarchy.

d) a parliamentary monarchy.


 Prepare yourself to answer some teacher’s questions like:


1. Describe your family. Do you have a husband/a wife/any children? Where do you live? How do you spend your free time? Have you got any hobby?

2. Where do you go for food/clothes shopping?

3. What do you do if you have a cold or feel bad?

4. Do you know any British customs and traditions? What famous people of the UK can you name?

5. Do you celebrate any traditional Belarusian holidays? Why/why not? Can you name any famous people of our native land? Why are they important for you?

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