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Личные и притяжательные местоимения

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По своему значению местоимения делятся на следующие разряды:



Именительный падеж

Объектный падеж

Личные местоимения (Personal


I — я

you — ты, вы

he — он

she — она

it — он, она, оно (неодуш.)

we — мы

you — вы

they они

mе — меня, мне

you — тебя, тебе

him — его, ему

her — ее, ей

it — его, ее, ему, ей

us — нас, нам

you — вас, вам

them — их, им




I форма

mу — мой (-я, -е, -и)

your — твой (-я, -е, -и)

             Ваш (-а, -е, -и)

his — его

her — ее

its — его, ее (неодуш.)

our — наш (-а, -е, -и)

their — их

II форма

mine — мой (-я, -е, -и)

yours — твой (-я, -е, -и)

               Ваш (-а, -е, -и)

his — его

hers — ее

its — его, ее

ours — наш (-а, -е, -и)

theirs — их


Exercise 1. Complete the sentences using personal pronouns.


1)Who is that man? Why are you looking at …?

2)I’m talking to you. Please, listen to… .

3)“Do you know that man?” – “Yes, I work with…” .

4)I like that camera. I’m going to buy … .

5)These photographs are nice. Do you want to look at … .

6)Where are the tickets? I can’t find … .

7)We’re going out. You can come with … .

8)Where is she? I want to talk to … .


Exercise 2. Use the appropriate form of possessive pronouns in the following sentences.


1)I know Mr. Watson but I don’t know (he) wife.

2)Put on (you) coat when you go out. It’s very cold.

3)We are staying at a very big hotel. (We) room is very comfortable.

4)The man next door has been busy cutting the grass in (he) garden.

5)I’ll have (I) hair cut this afternoon.

6)She folded the letter and replaced it in (it) envelope.

7)The children had had (they) tea. Kate was late for (she) as usual.

8)We make all (we) clothes ourselves.


Exercise 3. Use the absolute form of the possessive pronoun in brackets.


1)His composition is much more interesting than (your) or (my).

2)It was through no fault of (her).

3)You can very well do without my help but not without (their).

4)This radio-set of (his) is always out of order. – But so is (your)!

5)(Our) was the last turn.

6)The pleasure was all (my).


Exercise 4. Choose the correct forms of the pronouns in brackets.


1)Would you like to see some of (her, hers) latest sketches?

2)He has not read a line of (your, yours). How can he criticize (your, yours) poems?

3)If this book is neither (her, hers) nor (his, him), it should be (my, mine).

4)(Their, theirs) knowledge of the subject is not much superior to (our, ours).

5)I’m afraid they will take (your, yours) words against (her, hers).

6)All (our, ours) clothes were extremely dirty, and (my, mine) especially so.

7)Will you help me to sort out the things? I cannot tell which are (your, yours) and which are (my, mine).

8)(Their, theirs) boat was faster than (our, ours).



 Test 1.

Choose the right answer:


1)This dessert is … the one you made last night.

a)sweeter than                              c) sweet as 

b)sweetest                                     d) more sweeter than


2)That was … question in the exam.

a)the least                                      c) little difficult

b)the less                                       d) the least difficult


3)This was the … test I’ve ever done.

a)easiest                                        c) easier

b)easy                                           d) most easiest


4)That was the … movie I’ve ever seen.

a)worst                                           c) worse

b)bad                                              d) worser


5)You live ever … from the centre than I do.

a)further                                        c) fursest

b)far                                               d) more far


6)I like Justin less than John, but I like Terry … of all.

a)less                                              c) little

b)lesser                                           d) least


7)The people who arrived … got the best seats.

a)more earlier                                 c) the earliest

b)most early                                    d) much early


8)Susanne took … to finish than John.

a)long                                              c) the longest

b)as long                                          d) longer


9)Tom is … friendly to me as he was once.

a)more                                              c) less

b)as                                                   d) least


10)My left arm is … than my right one.

a)stronger                                         c) more strong

b)more stronger                                d) strongest


11)They are … my other neighbours.

a)more friendlier than                       c) friendlier as  

b)friendly than                                  d) more friendly than


12)He came into the room very … .

a)quietly                                             c) quiet

b)much quiet                                      d) more quietly


13)It was … moment of my life.

a)the worst                                         c) worst

b)worse                                              d) the worse


14)Our friends arrived … than we expected because their flight was delayed.

a)later                                                   c) late

b)more late                                           d) lately


15)Two days ago I went into the town to buy a birthday present for my … sister.

a)older                                                   c) the elder

b)elder                                                   d) oldest



Теst 2


 Choose the right answer:


1)… is a blue Ford.

a)their      b)its            c) my              d) theirs


2)I’ve got some record … .

a)of hers       b) hers        c) my          d) mine


3)The house lost … roof in the storm.

a)his           b) its          c) it’s              d) theirs


4)That isn’t my key. … is here.

a)My            b) me        c) mine          d) none of me


5)Your daughter will soon be as tall as … .

a)my              b) her          c) mine          d) them


6)Susan is late. Has … called?

a)he             b) she           c) her           d) him


7)Take a taxi. … is a long way to the station.

a)It              b) its               c) he          d) them


8)Don’t worry about … behavior. She is just a child.

a)his               b) their            c) her             d) its


9)It’s dangerous for … to smoke.

a)his                b) him               c) it                d) its


10)Would you like to look at my pet? It is really enjoying … meal.

a)its                 b) hers               c) his              d) their


11)If they had a plot of land of … own they could grow vegetables.

a)them            b) their              c) theirs          d) they


12)When each passenger arrives, they ask … to fill in a form.

a)they              b) their              c) them           d) theirs


13)Robert give … a great idea.

a)me                b) I                     c) my           d) mine


14)The case is too heavy for children. I’m afraid … can’t carry it.

a)them            b) their              c) theirs        d) they


15)Jack overslept this morning. … didn’t have time to wash and have breakfast.

a)him             b) he                c) his          d) it

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