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Моя биография: Биографические данные

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Грамматическая тема: Порядок слов в предложении, типы вопросов.


Study the words and the word-combinations.

Biographical Facts

at the age of… 

be bornв возрасте… 


be born into the family of (doctors, workers)родиться в семье (врачей, рабочих)

be looked afterбыть под присмотром

Christian name syn. First nameИмя

finish (leave) schoolокончить школу 

go to school (start school)пойти в школу

go to the kindergartenходить в детский сад

live in a town (village, city)жить в (городе, деревне)

move toпереезжать в

study at (school, a lyceum,

gymnasium)учиться в (школе, лицее, гимназии)


surname syn. (last name) Фамилия


Looks and Appearance


beautiful ['bju:tiful]красивый

blond/fair, dark hairсветлые, тёмные волосы

blue (grey, green, hazel, dark)-eyedголубо (серо, зелено, каре, черно) – глазый

build [bild]конституция, телосложение

curly (straight [streit])кудрявые (прямые)



handsomeкрасивый (о мужчинах)

height [hait]рост

look like (smb.)быть похожим на (кого-либо)

of medium heightсреднего роста

well builtкрепкого телосложения

ordinaryобычный, простой

overweightвесящий больше нормы 






stoutполный, тучный


straight [streit] (snubbed) noseпрямой (курносый) нос

take after (mother, father)быть похожим на (мать, отца)



Features of Character




friendly ['frendli]дружелюбный


gloomy ['glu:mi]мрачный


helpful ['helpful]помогающий


kind-heartedдобрый, добросердечный

lazy ['leizi]ленивый

lively ['laivli]живой, веселый


open-mindedоткрытый, искренний



rude [ru:d]грубый





Interests and Ambitions



be fond of smthлюбить что-либо

be interested in smthинтересоваться чем-либо

be keen [ki:n] on smthувлекаться чем-либо

choose a professionвыбирать профессию

desireжелание, желать

dislike [dis'laik] smthне нравится что-либо

(to do smth)(делать что-либо)

do sportsзаниматься спортом


dream of smthмечтать о чем-либо

enter a university (college)поступить в университет (колледж)





I. Group the words according to their morphological structure:

tall, eyelashes, wide-shouldered, good-looking, fashionable, forehead, well-built, blond, furcoat, long-legged, charming, plain, wrinkled, slim, waterproof, irregular


II. Give all the derivatives you know to the following words:

Wonder, love, comfort, appear, build, charm, face, attract, beauty


III. Define the semantic groups these words can belong to (e.g.: size, colour, etc).

brown  black  blue  grey

big  small  medium  tall

round  oval  square  hooked

handsome  smart  pretty ugly

IV. Fill in the gaps with the suitable derivative of the word given on the right:


1. I have an … sister, who is a university graduate.old

2. She is rather a … girl with short straight hair.beauty

3. He is sociable, honest … and cheerful.help

4. About a month ago I ... my final exams at school.pass

5. My favourite … is playing the guitar, reading and going   to the theatre.occupy


V. Choose a proper word in each sentence:

1.She wears her hair in a (ponytail, hairstyle).

2.A young woman doesn’t like her skin because she has got (wrinkles, freckles).

3.She’s on a special diet because she is (overweight, slim).

4.Unlike his brother, who’s rather thin, he’s tall and (stout, well built).

5.The best models always seem to be (beautiful, ordinary).


VI. Read the text: 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Katya. I have turned 18 this year. When I look at myself in the mirror I see a blond girl with short straight hair, dark eyes and a slender figure. I have to wear high-heeled shoes all the time as I am small, slightly over 160 centimeters in height. I always envy tall girls, to say nothing of top models.

I am not an only child in the family. I have an elder sister, Lena by name, who is a university graduate. I was born into a family of a military man and a doctor. My family had to move from one place to another several times and I was sent to a kindergarten at the age of three as both the parents were working. I have changed three schools in different places. Here I should say that it was my lucky chance to study for six years at an English specialized school in Grodno. It turned out to be the best school I had attended.

I have said goodbye to my classmates and teachers and now I’m a first-year student of the Technical Academy. In five years I’ll be an engineer. The academy for me is not only classes and learning. I have a lot of friends there. We organize extra-class activities such as, for example, debate clubs. We also organize parties and other social activities. I actively participate in most of them.

I am a sociable person, so I've got a lot of friends among my groupmates. I appreciate people's honesty, kindness, sense of justice and intelligence. I don't like it when people are rude and aggressive.

I'm stubborn at times. But to my mind being persistent and stubborn is not always a bad thing. It also means that I do everything possible to achieve my aim, I never leave things half-done.

At times I feel dissatisfied with myself, especially when I fail to do something or can't do things the way they should be done. At the same time I think I am hard-working and diligent.

I haven't got any special hobby, like collecting something, but I'm fond of reading books. They give me more knowledge of other people's lives and feelings and broaden my outlook.

And of course, I like music! I am fond of the music of the 60s, like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley. The songs of the Beatles give me much delight and pleasure. Besides I'm a great theatre-goer. Whenever I have some time to spare, I go to the theatre. I am not keen on television, I don't watch it much. That's all I can say about myself.


VII. Agree or disagree with these sentences (true / false):

1.Katya is at the age of 17.

2.She was born into a family of a worker and a teacher.

3.Katya is a shy person.

4.Her hobby is reading books.

5.Katya is keen on TV.


VIII. Fill in the necessary words: move,  appreciates, hobby, sociable, entrance.

1.She …people’s honesty, kindness, sense of justice and intelligence.

2.Katya is a … person; she’s got a lot of friends.

3.Her … is reading books.

4.At the age of 17 she passed her …exams.

5.Her family had to … from one place to another several times.


IX. Translate the sentences into English:  

1.Я не единственный ребёнок в семье.

2.Когда я смотрю на себя в зеркало, я вижу блондинку с короткими прямыми волосами.

3.Я общительный человек, поэтому у меня много друзей среди одногруппников.

4.Я люблю музыку 60-х годов.

5.Кроме этого я большая любительница театра.


X. Write down the right combinations:


1. I’m a school-leavera) I see a blond girl

2. When I look at myself in the mirrorb) so I’ve got a lot of friends among my groupmates

3. I have an elder sisterc) which is both sad and exciting

4. I’m a sociable persond) Lena by name

5. I haven’t got any special hobbye) but I’m fond of reading books


XI.Answer the questions:

1.What are your good habits?

2.What bad habits do you want to get rid of?

3.How do you behave if you are sure that you are right and your partner is wrong?

4.On what occasions do you cry or lose your temper?

5.Do you think that one's appearance, i. e. the way you wear your hair or clothes, speaks for your personality?

6.What things make you angry with somebody or sorry for somebody?

7.Are you more keen on sports or music (reading, dancing)?

8.Do you easily make friends?

9.Were you on friendly terms with all your classmates?

10.What qualities do you value in people most of all?

11.What talents do you think you have got?

12.Is it necessary to have a hobby do you think?

13.What do your parents usually praise you for?


XII. Make a story about yourself.

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